3.5 Monday.com as an Example Project Management Tool

Monday.com can provide all the above features and capabilities. In the next section, we will explain in more depth what Monday.com can do to streamline business and employee activities virtually. Monday.com also has some great resources and support it communicates using Zoom webinars which will be provided at the end of this section for further exploration. Monday.com provides the following tips and tricks you can use when communicating it as a virtual project management option.

You don’t rely just on email; it encourages more conversations (Zoom or Skype); using audio and video chat to help your company manage a remote team without having to rely on email. This provides more communication options, and communication between teams is more meaningful and more productive. Live broadcasting or webinars helps companies optimize their company-wide and cross-team conversations. It provides a better understanding and open dialogue that is instant and easy with live comments and instant ‘reaction’ buttons. Distributing an App makes it accessible to all and data is secure.

Ensures everyone is using the project management online platform and encourages information flow; this ensures critical information is no longer stuck in inboxes. Teams become more connected and collaborative and spend less time problem-solving at the group level as a result of opening who talks with whom and how information is unlocked. Transparency is key so everyone can see the conversation, and feedback, jump in, and offer solutions or support.

Encourages live videos and change of mindset (YouTube, Zoom); employees/mentees stay updated not only through the groups but also through surveys, questionnaires, and videos. The videos are a great quality initiative that explains for example product specifications, and procedures and provide advice on the sales process. Provide live tips specific to a department e.g., the marketing department. The videos share experiences and ways to improve and update customer service and increase sales. Can reach more than one person quickly and efficiently e.g., how a visual merchandising shop can broadcast weekly live videos showing how to set up the store window displays.

Collaborates and integrates with other Platforms (e.g., Facebook); introduces a secure working space for the mentee(s)/employee(s) to connect, communicate and collaborate. Useful features include News Feed, Groups, Messages, and events to get things done.