At a time when digital technologies have revolutionised all aspects of our lives, particularly the way we live and work, we believe it is more crucial than ever to provide high quality, sector-specific training opportunities which allow educators, and staff working in the entrepreneurship sector to update their skills and embrace effective digital teaching and learning.

Especially, to incorporate digital pedagogies and activities into their curricula/teaching strategies, and increase their confidence in using digital tools in adult entrepreneurship education.

Please download our Toolbox below, in it we have identified 6 inclusive pedagogies and 18 tools to accompany them providing highly usable resources to offer concise, actionable information about their pedagogic contribution, you to review each tool and choose those of most interest, then learn quickly and implement with students. The six inclusive and innovative pedagogies we have focused on are:

  • The flipped classroom
  • Problem based Learning
  • Product development Hackathons
  • Peer Learning
  • Universal Design For Learning
  • Differentiated Instruction

Pedagogic Toolkit EN