There are 5 sections to this module:

  1. Let’s Begin with a crash course video on creativity
  2. Think brings you through creativity questions
  3. Dig Deeper looks at a series of articles and videos covering topics e.g. How to Boost Your Creativity Skills in Work and Business and How to Discover How Creative You Are
  4. Discuss covers a series of discussion questions
  5. Finally gives you some final guidance and activities

Course Features

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Assessments Self

This Module aims to provide you with practical guidance on the different ways you can be creative as a mentor with your mentees through various TED-Ed sections.

Target Audience

The target audiences for the DCM Modules are Business Advisors, Mentors and Entrepreneurship Educators working across the Business Support network including Enterprise Centres, incubators and VET and Higher Education Colleges as well as private sector accountants and consultants.

Learning Objectives

Take this module and you will:

  • Cultivate and practice your creativity by learning useful tricks and implementing methods and exercises into your mentoring daily
  • Learn different creative thinking as a necessity and how you can do this by using a variety of tools and techniques
  • Develop a better understanding of how networking and collaboration fosters the development of good ideas and creative thinking in the workplace
  • Engage with different digital tools which can enhance your role as a mentor and ensure you maximise your creative potential

Why Choose TED-Ed* as a Module Creation Tool?

  • TED-Ed is an engaging platform which allows users to create and develop an online course, module, or mentoring video for FREE effectively and efficiently
  • It is easy to use, interactive and encourages open discussion on the topics at hand
  • It’s enables you to customise questions and discussions around the video or content
  • Videos can be short and to the point
  • TED-Ed, with its fabulous animations, can often take a boring topic and turn it into engaging, interesting content
  • Mentors can distribute their content publicly or privately and track the impact it has on receivers
  • It aims to spark ideas and knowledge-sharing globally, engaging with a remarkable community of thinkers and doers