This Module is divided into five sections:

  1. Let’s Begin – a video explaining ways to create the best business mentor/mentee relationship possible through communication skills
  2. Think – focuses on different types of questions to ask yourself
  3. Dig Deeper – studies a range of articles and videos which cover topics such as Mentoring & Communicating in the Digital Age and Learn How to Listen
  4. Discuss – covers a variety of discussion questions
  5. Finally – gives you final guidance and activities

Course Features

  • Duration – 2 Hours
  • Skill Level – All level
  • Language – English
  • Assessments – Self

Learning Objectives

By taking this module you will:

  • Learn from other mentors how to master your communication skills
  • Develop a deeper understanding and perfect your mentoring communication skills
  • Learn how to build trust as a mentor and make mentoring meaningful
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Communication
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a mentor
  • Get motivated to start learning how to use TED-Ed as a teaching and mentoring tool

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Title – “Tools, Techniques and Exercises for Better Communication!”

Let’s Begin…

Communication skills are vitally important when building a strong mentor/mentee relationship. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and to become an effective mentor, it is important to be aware of your own. In this section there are some practical resources to help you get the best out of your communication skills. Starting with Kate Mitchell’s, “The Importance of Listening”

Think (Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. The pandemic has profoundly affected the way people work and communicate… As expected, many more people are currently working at home. The number of people solely based in the office has shrunk from 1 in 2, to 1 in 5. In percentage terms that’s a drop from 50% before the pandemic, to just 20%. This has changed the game when it comes to communication. What percentage of people do you think, has said that COVID-19 has made communication more difficult?
  1. Last year, email was the most widely used tool for colleague communication. The pandemic has seen this change… what method of communication has surpassed email?
  1. How many people say they’ve stopped dealing with a company and moved to a competitor due to a feeling that there was a lack of effective communication?

Dig Deeper

Effective Communication ( To communicate effectively, it is important to be aware of what effective communication really is. Effective communication refers to the process of sharing information between two or more entities which leads to the desired outcome. The information shared is conveyed and received efficiently without the intended meaning being distorted or changed. It includes skills like non-verbal communication, attentive listening, ability to understand and to control one’s own emotions and managing stress

Key Communication Skills All Entrepreneurs Should Have for Long-Term Success | Business Town When educating in the field of entrepreneurship, it is vital to be aware of the key skills entrepreneurs need to have to be successful

The Art of Listening | Simon Sinek – YouTube In this video, Simon Sinek talks about the importance of listening when communicating

How can leaders learn empathy? | Q+A – YouTube Simon Sinek presents the importance of teaching leadership and how it is a teachable, learnable, practicable skill when you have the correct communication skills

Communication skills for educators – Be You As an educator, communication skills are an important requirement of your job. Effective communication benefits everyone. It helps improve relationships, increase understanding, and model positive interactions. This resource highlights how good communication helps, it lays out the barriers that we encounter when trying to communicate effectively and it sets out a list of key communication skills to make an educator more successful

How to Master the Art of Communication – Jim Rohn Motivation – YouTube Jim Rohn says that if you just communicate, you can get by; but if you communicate skilfully, you can work miracles. In this lecture on communication skills, Jim Rohn talks about four key things that can help you to speak better.

Mentor/Mentee Communication Skills Guide | AMTA ( Communication is key when it comes to developing a strong mentor-mentee relationship. These guides lay out ways in which mentors and mentees can develop their skills. It highlights skills for a mentor:
– Encourage Feedback
– Provide Constructive Feedback
– Listen Up
– Promote Consensus
– Reduce Misunderstanding
It also highlights the skills and requirements of a mentee:
– Encourage Feedback
– Don’t be Afraid to Ask
– Listen Up
– Promote Consensus
– Reduce Misunderstanding
Overlap in skills is clear, but the approach to these skills differs depending on whether you are a mentor or a mentee and it is important to know the difference and understand both

The Role of Trust in a Mentoring Program ( Trust is essential within a professional mentorship. Trust contains multiple elements: for a mentor to be trustworthy, the mentee must believe in the person’s competence, and also believe the mentor’s motives are in the right place.

The 7 Benefits of Effective Communication in Personal and Professional Settings ( today’s managers, good communication plays an essential role in their success in the workplace and in their personal life. Leaders who know how to communicate effectively with those around them will see better productivity and improved relationships in every aspect of their lives.


  1. Why is it important for an educator to have effective communication skills?
  1. Developing communication is imperative, why do you think it’s so important to have the skill of listening?
  1. In this digital era, why is there a more pressing need for effective communication?

And Finally

NOW it’s your turn to create your own Ted Ed Course Start here, a step-by-step simple guide! is a quick reminder How to Create a Ted Ed Lesson
INDEED is an exceptional project which aims to provide digital skills and tools training to entrepreneur educators.

  1. I01 – develop an Inclusive Digital Pedogogy Toolbox to introduce and teach entrepreneur educators and managers how to:
    – Improve their own teaching ability, with emphasis on using digital with their learners
    – Use and adapt digital learning resources to meet the needs of their entrepreneur learners and increase their confidence in their own digital competences.
    2. Craft an Online Course Resource that entrepreneur educators can use to strengthen their own digital skills and confidence
    3. Create an Inclusive Entrepreneurship Hackathon Guide to help educators use digital tools and techniques to implement more innovative and impactful teaching